Short Love Stories That Demonstrate The Miracle Of Love


Ever feel like True Love is something that only happens to other people? Here are a few short love stories to remind you that fairy tales happen everyday, to ordinary, (i.e. extraordinary), people just like YOU. If you’re ready for Love, its around every corner and hidden in plain sight. Love wants to find you!

“When deep down in the core of your being you believe that your soul-mate exists, there is no limit to the ways he or she can enter your life.” —Arielle Ford

A small email typo helps these soul-mates find each other from across the world.


Very moving! Michael proposes to Deborah in a StoryCorps recording booth.

Short Love Stories Michael and Deborah


True Love reunites these childhood sweethearts after twenty-two years.

Short Love Stories Jim and MaryAnne


If you enjoyed these short love stories, we encourage you take a closer look at StoryCorps. Started in 2003, StoryCorps is a collection of personal stories recorded in audio-only format at locations all across America. It is the largest project of its kind ever undertaken. The collection now contains many thousands of amazing stories, the cultural significance of which is so profound that it is preserved for posterity within the Library of Congress archives. Dive deep into StoryCorps, and we guarantee you will gain profound insight into our common  humanity, and our shared hopes, joys, concerns, and struggles.

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